Our actions for the planet

We present our

Environmental Charter

which summarizes the commitments we have made in favor of our Earth

Today, the environment is at the heart of everyone’s concerns.

As a committed tourist destination, we are deeply convinced of the need to preserve our environment for future generations.

By choosing to stay at Camping Paduella, you are actively participating in this noble mission, and have the satisfaction of knowing that you are encouraging environmentally-friendly practices. Explore our concrete initiatives in the “Our Ecological Commitments” section.

Our energy savings

  • The water in our two sanitary blocks is heated by solar panels.
  • We have replaced all halogen bulbs with low-energy bulbs.
  • We have installed lighting timers and twilight detectors in common areas to limit energy wastage.
  • Two electric recharging points for electric and hybrid vehicles are available at the campsite entrance.
  • We use electric scooters for the upkeep and maintenance of the campsite to avoid noise pollution.

Our water savings

  • Our taps are equipped with flow reducers and push-buttons, enabling us to reduce our consumption by 30%.
  • We use a drip irrigation system with a timer, and water our plants at sunset.

Our waste management

  • We’ve put up a sign at the entrance to the building explaining how to sort waste.
  • Our garbage can at the campsite entrance has several containers to encourage sorting: glass, cardboard, packaging, household waste, paper and biowaste. We ask you to sort your waste by bringing it to the collection point and respecting the different flows. We do the same with our own waste.
  • Hazardous waste management :
    • Recycling chlorine drums and tracking waste with the Track déchet app
    • Local company recycles edible oils
  • Pine needles are collected daily and transported to a recycling center in Calvi, where they are transformed into compost.
  • We do all the pruning on the campsite ourselves, and the green waste is also composted.
  • Cigarette-butt recycling: We have a garbage can at the bar into which we empty our ashtrays. The recycling ambassadors come and collect it when it’s full.
  • Recycling of batteries, pens, light bulbs and ink cartridges at reception.

Responsible purchasing

  • Only organic fertilizer is used to maintain our plants and green spaces.
  • 95% of the cleaning products we use are eco-labeled or of natural origin.
  • Priority is given to local businesses and craftsmen.
  • As fervent advocates of reuse and re-employment, you’ll see furniture, decorations and equipment from this approach at the campsite.

A greener offering

  • Given our privileged location, we invite our guests to leave their cars at the campsite and get around on foot: the beach and train stop are just 300 meters away. The town center is a 20-minute walk away, and there’s a supermarket with a tobacconist’s, newsagent’s and chemist’s 200 metres away.
  • Our teams are trained in the eco-gestures to be observed in their daily tasks; they regularly attend training courses to this end.
  • The use of pesticides has been banned
  • We limit the use of paper documentation thanks to a digital tourist information point at reception. You’ll find information on walks, places to visit, flora and fauna, public transport timetables, local markets….
  • A partnership with a local recycling center has been set up. We give them our old equipment/furniture/found objects.
  • We invoice by hand, thus limiting printing, and prefer electronic correspondence.
  • You’ll find a number of displays at the campsite to help our customers learn about eco-actions.
  • Car traffic is banned at night to avoid noise pollution.
  • On the campsite, you’ll find local plant species that are adapted to the climate and therefore require less water and fertilizer.
  • In our canvas bungalows, sheets are changed only at the end of your stay.
  • Please note that we have chosen to make Wi-fi available only in the vicinity of reception so as not to disturb your stay by electromagnetic pollution. your stay by electromagnetic pollution in the campsite area.

European Ecolabel campsite

Our commitment to ecology and the preservation of Corsican nature has earned us theEuropean Ecolabel for eco-responsible tourist accommodation services. This distinction rewards the efforts made to reduce their impact on the environment and promote sustainable tourism. Among the criteria taken into account are the reduction of water and energy consumption, as well as the use of renewable energies, selective sorting, eco-friendly cleaning products, etc.

Every year, we commit to new initiatives, so don’t hesitate to share your ideas with us so that we can work together to change our everyday actions.

Thank you for supporting us
during your stay.

Every gesture counts