Our actions for the planet

Our Environmental Charter

Today, the environment is at the heart of everyone’s concerns.

Camping Paduella is committed to an environmental approach to reduce our impact on nature, preserve natural resources and limit pollution.

Why this charter?
It’s linked to our convictions, our practices, our vision of this evolution and the history of the campsite.

We make improvements in this area every year.

To date, many actions have been implemented:
Our faucets are equipped with flow reducers and pressure buttons.
This equipment enables us to reduce our water consumption by 30%.
Water is precious, and as you are reminded in the toilet blocks, please do not overuse it.
For watering, we use a drip system with a timer.
All our lighting is fitted with low-energy bulbs.
Our exterior lighting and sanitary facilities are clock-controlled.
The water in one of the sanitary blocks is heated by solar panels, and the second is currently being installed.
We use electric scooters for the upkeep and maintenance of the campsite to avoid nuisance and pollution.
We invite you to meet local producers and buy their products.
The digital terminal next to reception will provide you with all the relevant information.
We prefer to work with local companies.
You'll find a variety of displays on the campground to raise customer awareness.
The choice of our cleaning products is made with the greatest care.
We can certify that 95% of the cleaning products we use are eco-labeled.
In our canvas bungalows, sheets are changed only at the end of your stay.
Not installing mobile homes on our land is an ecological choice.
The campsite is equipped with a charging station for electric and hybrid vehicles.
We don't use pesticides to maintain our green spaces, and we take care
our trees, some of which are hundreds of years old.
We use organic fertilizer for our plants.
Pine needles are collected daily and transported to a recycling center in
Calvi, where they are transformed into compost.
Please note that we have chosen to make Wi-fi available only in the vicinity of reception so as not to disturb your stay by electromagnetic pollution.
your stay by electromagnetic pollution in the campsite area.

We ask you to sort your garbage by taking it to the collection point at the entrance to the campsite.
at the campsite entrance, respecting the different waste streams.
You can take your batteries to reception.
We do the same with our own waste.

Given our privileged location, we invite our guests to leave their cars at the campsite and get around on foot.
The beach and train stop are just 300 metres away.
The town center is a 20-minute walk away and
supermarket with tobacconist, newsagent and chemist 200 metres away.

Every gesture counts