The villages of Balagne


Panoramic view of the Gulf of Calvi

The ruins of the old village of Montemaggiore are still visible on the site of A cima, offering an exceptional view of the Gulf of Calvi.

Saint Rainier Church
Passage of Don Juan
Saint Augustine's Parish Church
Events: olive fair "A Fiera di l'Alivu" (mid July).


The most beautiful example of medieval architecture in Corsica

It is enough to walk in its narrow and stony lanes, its network of galleries and vaulted passages the whole forming a descending spiral from the top of the rocky peak on which it was built, to appreciate the preservation of this jewel.

Parish Church of A Nunziata
Old bread oven
The Chapel of the Confraternity of Saint Anthony
Remains of the fortifications of the ancient Castellu
Chapel of Notre Dame des Bergers


At the gates of Scandola

Galeria invites you, first of all, to discover its large beaches of thick gray sand. The first one is located at the entrance and the other one is in the heart of the village of Galeria. Moreover, you will undoubtedly notice that they are quite different from the other beaches of Balagne. In front of you, the sea as far as the eye can see, but all around you, a generous and preserved nature that embraces you.

The beach of Galeria
The port of Galeria
The Fango Delta
Market on Friday mornings from 9am to 12pm


Seaside resort par excellence

A seaside resort par excellence, Algajola has all the assets for a successful vacation. Also, imagine yourself enjoying a tasty dish with your feet in the sand at the table of one of the many straw huts. Moreover, it is the perfect place to enjoy all the pleasures of the sea. Try a scuba diving lesson, a sailing lesson or a kite surfing lesson… to finally relax on a deckchair.


The beach of Algajola
The Navy of San Damino
The beach and the fortress of Algajola


One of the most beautiful gulfs of Corsica

It is in the heart of Balagne, in one of the most beautiful gulfs of Corsica, that L’Ile-Rousse awaits you for unforgettable moments of relaxation and discovery.


A village with blond houses and azure shutters

Let yourself be charmed by this village which, like a phoenix, has risen from its ashes. Stones and clay are mixed with tuff to give back to this village all its superb of former days.


Dazzle guaranteed!

Between sea and scrub, the village of Lumio dominates the bay of Calvi, its imposing citadel, and shines, like a jewel, in the setting sun. But before visiting this village, remember to protect your eyes! So welcome to Lumio, this authentic village with a preserved soul and, above all, very bright …

Lumio in Balagne
The church of Oci above Lumio